About the Plant of Plastic Pipes company

"The Plant of plastic pipes" - one of the most dynamically developing companies in the sphere of pipes’ production. We are in the top four Russian producers of pipes and components for pipelines of different purpose. The main value of the company is the unique knowledge and collective expertise accumulated during a decade of growth and development of production. Our advantage - high quality, durable, energy-efficient products that meet the needs and demands of a constantly evolving, becoming more extensive and demanding.


We produce:

Скорлупы и плиты ППУ Isolation materials for pipelines: polyurethane foam shell and plate PPU Напорные трубы Polymeric pressure head water pipes NPVH and completing pipes
Трубы ппу The finished pipes of PPU в in the polyethylene or zinced cover (galvanized shell) Трубы ПНД Polyethylene pipes of low pressure, PND fittings
Трубы ПВХ для канализации PVC  pipes for sewerage systems, the PVC fittings Трубы для электропроводки Smooth PVC tubes for an electrical wiring

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Why is it favorable to use the pipes of PPU and PPU shells?

Эффективность труб ппу Use of pipes in PPU  isolation allows to increase pipeline service life several times. Pipes of  PPU don't wear out and serve 35-50 years. Service life of the pipeline constructed on traditional technologies makes 7-10 years. It is reached at the expense of covering use from a new material - polyurethane foam (the material description) in combination with an external covering of a pipe with polyethylene or a zinced leaf.
Эффективность скорлупы ппу The shells of PPU covering a pipe outside, possess the lowest thermolysis. Losses of heat decrease by 40-50%. Also pipes PPU are to a lesser extent subject to environment and corrosion influence. High economic efficiency is checked and confirmed by practice.
ГОСТ на трубы ППУ Technical characteristics of pipe PPU in accordance with GOST 30732 — 2006
  • Working pressure is no more than 1,6 MPas
  • Working temperature is  from -70 to 140ºС
  • Outer diameter is from 32 to 1420 mm
  • Heat conductivity of a cover at 50ºС no more than 0,033 Vt / mºC

Scope of pipes’ PPU application

Construction of pipelines for water and heat transportation

Construction of pipelines for oil and gas transportation

In all branches of pipes’ PPU application  justifies financial investments both at a stage of capital construction, and during the subsequent operation. The ZPT group of companies is ready to deliver pipes PPU and accessories for your organization. Concerning existence of production, terms of production, delivery address in company sales department. For acquaintance with the prices - look at price lists.








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